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SimplyTalk is a leading marketing company based within South Africa, offering a wide range of Back Office, Customer Care & Support, Telemarketing Outsourcing Solutions to clients worldwide. Aided by World-Class Infrastructure, Business Competencies, Domain Knowledge & Expertise including a Dedicated Group of Highly Skilled and Trained Professionals, we are able to provide the best quality outsourcing services to clients. Our Core Competencies include services such as customer care & support, B2C & B2B telemarketing, data entry & data conversion, voice promotions, content development, market research, database creations. You can always expect the best from us: Using established Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) methodologies in combination with customized offshore outsourcing solutions, we are able to provide improved process integration and optimal performance to our clients. With our outsourcing services, you can easily create and sustain a better brand image for your products and services. Customer satisfaction is the key to the successful creation and sustenance of a popular brand name and we understand that very well. Committing to long-term business relations will not be a problem since we have designed our delivery systems to be scalable and highly flexible. We never let our eyes off the targeted goals and objectives, something that allows us to achieve and deliver the desired results through our business process outsourcing (BPO) services.


We hold the power for your business to succeed.

  • Telemarketing is the use of the efficient medium of telephone communication to market goods or services directly to prospective customers and/or to receive orders and inquiries generated from other advertising and promotions. In the form of direct marketing a salesperson uses the telephone to solicit prospective customers to sell products or services. Telemarketing can be inbound or outbound. Inbound telemarketing is where customers instigate calls to the company for assistance when they want or need while the latter involves calls instigated by the company to prospective buyers for making a sale. Professional telemarketing activities are conducted from call centres and BPOs. Telemarketing requires adequate leads generation and appropriate follow up action. Telemarketing is becoming extremely popular in the modern era, with the best and most affordable facilities available in India and Manila. Cheap, yet professionally trained labor is available in the mentioned countries. SimplyTalk has great acumen in generating leads and provides inbound and outbound calling services to our clients. Call Centre outsourcing services such as increased calling capacity, global coverage, rapid inquiry response and increased data validity, are also available and is defined in a cost effective environment.

  • We are now currently rendering the services of supplying many entities with New and Exclusive products, we now also do make it compulsory that we assist all entities in opening and creation of their own debit account. We have established many good and reputable Debit Companies to collect on our behalf as we intend on servicing all clients that are paying and using our services. The debit order facilities are now being offered to all companies that ensure that they have proper mandates, either call recordings or signed mandates. With SimplyTalk ensuring that clients are serviced, we always adhere to rules and regulation by debit facility companies and PASA. All products now have access to collect good upfront payments as well as monthly collections, now enabling all clientele to have good quality business at all times. All clients now have total transparency when it comes to all their sales loaded and monies collected and paid out via their own username and password.

  • Through the study and planning of company projections and business ethics, we at SimplyTalk have now combined ideas with Shareholders coming from World class countries like Europe, The UK and SA. We have state of the art technology that helps new entities start or maintain all company protocols that have to be adhered to by law and industry standard. We intern help existing establishments flourish, achieving new destinations by simply following all mandates given and general spot checks on quality and maintenance is compulsory to all campaigns rendered. Various campaigns ranging from the public’s needs and demands all include Training and updating if campaign specifications do require on a daily or monthly basis constantly, as SimplyTalk have negotiated at high levels and we pride ourselves in customer service to the SA public sector. SimplyTalk SA can secure you, your company and your future generation with all the necessities that you might fancy as a New or existing business entrepreneur into the leading and Money orientated business world at world class standards. For any assistance on Business planning, Business projections, Company Ethics and Protocols, Infrastructure Equipment with Campaigns including state of the art Technology, SimplyTalk can change existing and new organisations to accomplish new heights of loving money!

  • No longer is there the need to invest in capital-intensive hardware and software (which fades quicker than a rainbow after a cloudy storm in today’s IT age) to manage your call-centre. What this means for you is no more servers on-site, no more software purchases, updates, technicians and no more heavy start-up costs! Drawing from extensive experience and research in the telecoms and call-centre industry, both internationally and in Southern Africa, Simply Talk and its team is able to provide you with cutting edge industry technology from around the world tailor made to suit your specific needs in the Southern African call centre market at a fraction of the cost compared to the industry norm. Simply Talk prides itself with having a reputation for unparalleled service and uptime. Our goal is to enable you to focus on what counts: YOUR BUSINESS. As a converged communications vendor, Simply Talk is able to meet all your needs, from VOIP, call centre software, call-recording software, ISP and broadband services to last-mile infrastructure. Need IP desktop phones? Headsets? Network switches? Look no further. Simply Talk has all your hardware needs covered to get your call-centre up and running in no time, at prices which make even dealers rub their palms. Thanks to our research and development team as well as our expertly-skilled technical engineers, Simply Talk has developed and built a core cloud-based hub which allows our clients to subscribe to an industry-leading stable, secure and highly-encrypted network of servers, along with industry-specific software tailor- engineered for the management of call centres. Simply Talk’s platform manages your calls, billing, call-recordings and logs, and makes all your call data and statistics available to you on demand at the click of a button from your office, your living room or even from your yacht in Monaco. Due to extensive research and innovation, Simply Talk makes efficient use of proprietary high rates of compression. Our systems run calls at industry-low bitrates of 13kbps, ensuring high stability, uninterrupted call quality and higher call volumes than previously achievable by your existing network connection. This means more calls possible on your existing line at a better quality than previously experienced. Since our technology enables us to have crystal clear and reliable call-quality using lower bitrates, we are able to pass the saving on to you, hence why we are also able to offer you call minutes and bundles at the most cost-effective rates in the industry. In conjunction with this and our ongoing relationships with Tier 1 networks, there is a reason why we have been saluted for our stable, clear and quality service.Gone are the days where you had to do backups or worry about unforeseen risks such as power-failures, lightning strikes, theft and possibly even sabotage. With our levels of redundancy as well as 256k industry leading encrypted data lines, your call data has never been safer.

  • Automated-voice-messaging voice messaging (AVM) solutions enable organizations to achieve their communications goals in a cost-effective, efficient manner through the delivery of automated, professionally recorded voice messages: People receive the message like a regular phone call. AVM can reach any cell phone or landline. Pre-recorded outbound messages: These are simple one-way messages that deliver a scripted alert or reminder. They are not interactive but rather informational and do not require an immediate customer response. Interactive outbound messages: These are two ways communications that enable customers to interact or give feedback during the message by simply using the phones keypad.

  • Hot Key Transfer: At any time during the message the call can be transferred to your call center or reception by pressing a key on the phone’s keypad. Interaction: Interact with your customers by the use of the phone’s key pad. Recipients can answer questions, give confirmations, register for events… Text to Speech: Personalize your message by inserting variable such as name, dates, amounts… Data Collections: Get full detailed reporting on the campaign including who listen to the message, for how long and which key they pressed. Dual Delivery: Detect Voicemails and answering Machines. Right Party Authentications: Confirm recipients’ identities before proceeding with the call. Pace your campaign: Customize the flow of your campaign according to your response center capacity.

  • AVM blend easily into your communication strategy: Fast Implementation Reactive Reach thousands of people in few minutes: High volume capacity High impact Warm and personalised Reach cell Phone and Landline Consistency Best value for money: Pay only for recipients reached No set up or implementation cost Our automated voice messaging solution assists businesses with their customer communication campaigns by delivering professionally pre-recorded voice messages to a virtually unlimited number of customers. This highly effective communications platform is very flexible. With capabilities such as message personalization and the ability to include press transfers, companies can quickly deliver customized and targeted customer communications.

  • Our Focus

    By applying Simply Talk’s key focus we can:

    Allow an organisation to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage A marketing strategy should be cantered around the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. Inventing ways that focus on clients and their success we guarantee that you, your company and your life needs ways that secure your future with the correct Management Skills and Development, Staff, Training and mentoring. Profitable Campaigns with Product specifications including future development within any industry. Companies going into the market being them established or new, would really appreciate the best possible guidance and protocols that is driven by their success and love of making money.

  • SimplyTalk prides ourselves in any entity having the correct future planning, making most of their current possibilities and having pleasure by indulging in what we have to offer. SimplyTalk is leading the industry into a secure and well groomed business opportunity as we can offer the following: Ø Enhance current business entities to reach new heights by trading with exclusive products that gain wealth by creating and managing exclusivity to all SA citizens.

  • Ø A streamline of Professional Management leading your passion driven staff to reach new heights in their profession and successful lives ahead with urging possibility. Ø Leading the market with opportunity that helps create endless possibilities on how all clientele have a healthy prosperous life indulging with our endless range of products to suit their lives.

  • Ø We guarantee that our level of training and mentoring helps strengthen the level of company ethics allowing your business to lead the industry ensuring that all services rendered are way above superiority, ensuring that all protocols are adhered to at all times. Ø By years of experience and study we show all businesses how easily future planning and short term goals are achievable with precise projections on your companies best interest.

  • Ø Manage small, medium and large organisations to maximise on their client base by simply offering a service and a reputable name to remember for life, as our clientele deserves elite service. As years of success and prosperity, we service enterprises that would appreciate all levels of educating people and public to maximise with saving by using products and services that are of necessity. We have exclusive packages ranging from the public necessities including company’s rendering profitable campaigns.

  • SimplyTalk uses new and existing co-operations to service SA citizens with a range of products that help them see true value in their contribution and guarantee a lifelong commitment. Companies now have the exclusive benefit of offering the general public security and total piece of mind as SimplyTalk can service all needs from, your clients insurance (short-term or long term), Banking Products that have total exclusivity, Loyalty Paybacks that give discounts on purchases, offering telecommunication services that are always in demand, and securing the client a well groomed Lifestyle and Leisure opportunity, including Vehicle Tracking Devices by the leaders in the industry.

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